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Looking for plastic disposables!!! The one stop shop for all your plastic needs – Kothari Distributors.
Kothari Distributors is the name to reckon with when it comes to plastic disposable suppliers in Hyderabad. We deal in disposable products used in food packaging and serving industry. Be it forks, spoons, plates or customized containers, tissues etc, you name it we have it.
Located in the heart of the city and having ware houses with large holding capacity, we supply to small, medium, large eateries in Hyderabad city and also to nearby districts.
Modern Hyderabad -a hub for highly technical savvy people, who believe in technology, quick and smart work, voila we have mobile App!!!
You can order through our Mobile App which gives you virtual experience of the outlet and is as good as walking into the store in person.

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    Manage all your purchases with our simplified Android App.

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    From Home Screen you can check your previous invoices and outstanding ledgers with one click. You can manage your wish-list and favourite items or can browse our latest offers on products and most viewed items.

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    Get the live results while you type. Our App is smart enough to correct any spelling mistakes you made.

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    Get all the details about any product we have within seconds. Feel the product in your hands with five detailed photos.

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    You don't need to be a registered user to use our app. you can browse the products or make purchases as a guest user.

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    Our App will be more comfortable on tablets, check how smartly you can shop by installing the app in android tab.

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